LTA People

Judith Bell

Visual Design and Systems Support

Judith draws on the valuable experience she acquired whilst supporting CEO’s and senior management for many years in Australia and in the UK. She has worked across a wide range of industries including leadership development, insurance, hospitality, publishing, and local and national government agencies.

She is organised, approachable and responsive, with advanced Microsoft Office skills, enabling her to support LTA in program coordination including client liaison, logistics and materials production.

Judith supports the LTA Team in all things digital – from managing our website and virtual file sharing systems to the development of high quality, professional presentations and impactful course materials. Judith has a can-do attitude and always delivers ahead of schedule and above expectations.

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It takes a village..

“It takes a village” How many times have you heard this phrase?  Probably quite often, and generally in relation to raising children. And what does it mean?  In my experience, quite a few things: First and foremost, that you can’t do it on your own ie. it is physically impossible to raise children completely on your own. No matter what your personal circumstances or family configuration, we just can’t physically do all that is required to be done and always be available when required. Secondly that you shouldn’t do it on your own. Why is that?  Well, you’re only one... More...