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Leisa Molloy

Principal Consultant

Leisa is a Masters-qualified registered psychologist who has been working in the organisational psychology field since 2004. Prior to working with a number of HR and consulting organisations (Chandler Macleod, SHL Talent Management Solutions (now CEB), and CompAssess), Leisa worked in internal roles within large international organisations.

Her industry and sector knowledge include Banking & Finance, Utilities, Retail, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Digital & Infrastructure, Professional Services and Government & Public Sector.

Leisa has deep expertise and strong experience in designing and delivering a wide range of Organisational Development (OD) initiatives across this broad client base. As a result of many years working in client-facing roles, she possesses strong client and stakeholder management skills, as well as a keen focus on ensuring the delivery of high quality, commercially beneficial outcomes that align with the unique strategic and business goals of client organisations.

Leisa’s areas of skill and expertise include Leadership Development & Coaching (including the design and delivery of programs and provision of individual coaching/feedback sessions), Assessment & Development Centres (assessment centre desgn and facilitation, business simulations), Psychometric Assessment, Success Profiling and Competency Design, Organisational Survey Design and Delivery, Behavioural Simulation design and Career Transition (delivering career transition programs to participants from a wide range of backgrounds).

She has worked with a wide range of psychometric tools and assessment measures including those that measure cognitive ability, personality and work preferences, motivation and Emotional Intelligence, as well as a range of 360 degree tools and methodologies. In addition, she has successfully designed, delivered and managed numerous client projects in the areas of talent management, leadership development and organizational engagement / satisfaction. Another key area of focus in Leisa’s career has been the development of a range of behavioural simulation exercises (i.e. role play and work simulation exercises designed to resemble the challenges inherent at specific role levels). She has specific expertise in designing, delivering and assessing large scale ‘Day in the Life of’ simulation programs pitched at senior levels, and in developing tailored competency frameworks and Success Profiles for clients.

Leisa is a registered psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. She holds the Level One Accreditation for Executive Coaching (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership), and is a member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).

  • BA (Psych)
  • Grad Dip Sc. (Psych)
  • M. Psych (Org)
  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)
  • Member of Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)
  • Level One Coaching Accreditation (Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership)

Leisa is accredited in: the Saville Aptitude portfolio; Saville WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire, SHL CEB Ability Tests, SHL CEB Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ); Talent Q Dimensions, Elements & Aspects, and the My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment (MBSLA).  She also has significant experience in using a range of other tools and measures, including 360 Degree Survey tools. 

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