Our impact

Identifying potential using robust data and powerful conversations

Comprehensive ’whole person’ assessment process enables robust data based talent identification and development.

The Challenge

How do you ensure you have the right people with the right developmental potential in the right roles to deliver your organisational imperatives? LTA was tasked by a global mining and materials company to uncover and develop the capability of their senior leaders (those considered to have general manager potential) to ensure that they would be fit for this purpose.

The Approach

LTA designed and facilitated a process to assess the individual leader’s capabilities and behaviour using a variety of psychometric tools (360, motivations, cognitive, personality) followed by a series of coaching feedback conversations. Informed by this data, they then created customised development plans for each leader and follow-up activities to ensure sustained behavioural change. During the course of the 1 – 2 year program, leaders also attended face to face workshops, some of which were designed and facilitated by LTA.

The Outcome

This program has now been running for five consecutive years with participants describing it as the most thorough self-insight process they have ever participated in.  They report that the insight from the capability and behavioural tools has been powerful in identifying their own personal strengths and areas for development and helping them to truly target the types of development activities they undertake.

At the organisational level, the program has provided comprehensive and robust data upon which to make informed and rigorous decisions about succession planning and the talent pipeline. This has been so effective and useful that the company is now using a ‘cut-down’ version of this for their mid-level leaders and supervisors as well as for critical, highly valued individuals who have become ‘stuck’ from a career perspective. 

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